Most frequent questions

Can you guarantee my goods will arrive at the intended destination on time?

In short, YES!! We can guarantee your goods will arrive on time. For every shipment there are various types and levels of services available. When your goods MUST arrive on or prior to a certain date.

Is your warehouse secure for my goods?

YES!!! Export Gloaball Logistics is one of the very few Freight Forwarders who operate their own warehouse and do not entrust it to a third party to secure your goods. As a registered secure cargo participant with United States Transport our warehouse is under 24/7 video surveillance and ALL our employees go through a rigorous criminal and background check .

How can your prices be better than prices I can get directly from a carrier?

With 15 years in the industry and millions of pounds (lbs) of freight moving every year we have negotiated the absolute best pricing with various trucking, airline and ocean freight carriers, and pass those savings on to you, plus the added service and attention given to your shipments to ensure they arrive on time and on budget.

Can I Track my goods once I ship them with you?

Yes. We will provide you tracking information for your shipment but also provide you updates via email once they are on their way until they arrive at destination. You can also track your goods via our website. click here


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